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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hair : The un-loc Issue

She is FREEEE! I have officially become unlocked. This means that I took my locs out. Here are the top 6 questions I have received since the project completion.

6. Q. Is your hair light weight now?
A. It is very light weight! I wanted it to be not so heavy for the summer.

5. Q. Do you miss them?
A. Sometimes I do miss them. I have a certain nostalgia about just getting up and running out of the door. I do not regret it at all. I will most likely loc again, but I have learned so much since I started them in 2003 that there is a different approach I want to do next. I may even try sista' locs.

4. Q. Why did you do it?
A. I got tired of having all of that hair. When I first got locs, there was a specific length that I wanted my hair to be. I think my hair doubled that length. When I could not even roll over in bed without rolling on a loc, I knew it was to long! I also have an issue with being put in categories (good and bad) based on appearance. Although being natural is a part of me, I dont like putting to much into one thing! I want to focus on the entire package:)

3. Q. Are you going to relax it now?
A. This question always gets a full eye roll! Not that I HATE relaxers, but why does that have to be the first thing I do after I take my LOCS out? As if that is the only option locs or perm.... I even got some crazy looks when I said "I am gonna let my hair rest for a while, then we will learn each other again". So the answer is no there will not be relaxer.

2. Q. Now what are you gonna do?
A. I think I answered that in #3. I have tons of tricks up my sleeve for natural hair. Some styles like, double strand curly twists, bantu set, braid out, twist out, curly fro, and many more!!!!

1. Q. You can do that?
A. YES it is possible to take locs out. I used water and a rat tail comb. I did take a month so if you aren't patient, cutting them off is probably for you. I loved when my hair was short but I did not want to go through the in between stage. This length is perfect for me. It still might be a little to long!!!


  1. Did you loose a lot of hair by taking your locs out? Was your hair really dry? Was there a conditioner or something else that you used other than water? How long was your hair loc'ed before you took them out?

    Sorry for all the questions. People ask me this a lot. I tell them no, they have to be cut so your story is interesting.

  2. How exactly do you pick them out