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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fashionista: The Makeover

A friend of mine is reaching a personal mile stone in her life and asked me to be a part of her transformation. I wondered why and figured that it must be because she likes my style. I feel like every woman has to make their own signature style. It can be a mixture of many different things but what works for me may not work on the next DIVA. So off I go to set up the photoshoot, pick out the makeup and design the wardrobe. I started at her closet and later decided (after raping her shoe collection) that I would start from scratch. If you are gonna do a “High Fashion” photoshoot why go with the things in your closet? Right? Well maybe not…..
The day of the shoot I begin to beat her face and she starts complaining.
Me: “don’t be a DIVA”
Her: “I wanna see!”, "This is just to MUCH!"
Of course I let her see after I was done and she complained that it did not look like her. Later after 3 of the 5 wardrobe changes were under way she began complaining about how the clothes did not fit her care free style and she needed other options.  Eventually we were able to compromise and find some more playful garments that satisfied us both.
As I am stepping into this field I am realizing the following:
·         Always check with the client before finalizing
·         Do a trial run (if there is makeup involved)
·         Get a CLEAR understanding of what the client wants ( My idea of what she wanted was skewed by what I wanted for her)
I never thought that I would enjoy playing real life doll house but it was absolutely a great experience and some of the pictures will be added to my portfolio.