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Friday, December 18, 2009

Fashionista- Pumps

I have recently purchased my share of pumps from various places and I need to break them in! Not so much the special shoes but the pumps I planned on wearing to work. Now I have been fine with breaking them in the good old fashion way but I wonder if there is an alternate or shorter less painful way to conquer this task. Any suggestions?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fashionista- The LBD

A question was posed on Facebook about the Little Black Dress. This is a classic piece that is your go to for any cocktail party, date or just wanting to WOW the crowd.

The questions was,"Should the LBD be accesorized with color ei: red shoes, red belt and red jewels. Is this Haute or Not."

Fashionista says: NOT! I am in fatuation with metal accents all the way. If you were to wear a red shoe, fine, but please have mercy on the remaining items.

While I am on a rant, ladies please stop matching your eyeshadow with your outfit! It is better to go with the complimentary color. See the chart below for a clue:

It is alright to wear a yellow dress and compliment your outfit with purple/fucia shadow. Matching from head to toe is always to much on the retina.

Now thats better! The LBD is a must have to your closet but it is to be accentuated not hidden under an overabundance of colors. After all, while I LOVE the 80s, I dont want to go back there!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Loves!

I began a summer relationship with a couple of things. Jewelry, Hair Products and Nail Polish! You know what they say about addictions, you never really give something up, you just replace it with something else. So while my makeup took a back seat, my love for the pretty and flashy took over.

My drawers are beginning to fill with pretty and colorful nail polish thanks to @zoya_nailpolish and my beauty partner in crime @perfecttenn. As you can tell I am on twitter and this is the perfect place to indulge with like-minded individuals who encourage (and enable) the addiction.

I was a little hesitant but I got a little advise! Now I can not wait to try out Zoya Nail Polish Matte Velvet in Black:

From @bargainprincess:

@msned12 Don't be afraid, that'll be perfect this winter! I love wearing dark nail polishes with BOLD statement rings ;)

Hmmmm! Great idea! Jewlery meets nail polish! Please stop my heart from beating! I MUST make a move quickly. Be sure to stay tuned for more of my new addict moments!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fashionista- Day to Night

Pump your look up for the night easily here are some tricks!
1. Always carry a mini palette with at least 3 different colors. A lid color (medium), highlight color (lighter) and a crease color (darker).
2. To head out for the night just apply more of the crease color to the entire lid still focusing on the crease as the darkest application.
3. Apply more eyeliner especially to the waterline as it gives the eyes a HUGE pop!
4. Keeps the lips simple with a light gloss.

MAC Vex es- lid color
Embark e/s- crease
Ricepaper e/s- highlight

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mean Mint Green Look

Now that the summer is here, The Fashionista and Naturalista are relaxing and working on thier tans. They dont want to be bothered with TONS of makeup! This look can be worn in the day and GLAM'd out for the night with some falsies and a little more liner! Enjoy!

Mint green with light cut crease:)

mint Bobbi Brown e/s
Swimming MAC e/s
Smoke Brown Bobbi Brown e/s
Ricepaper MAC e/s
NARS Blush "Gilda"
Oyster Girl Lip Glass MAC
Noctournell e/s on lower lash

Thursday, July 2, 2009

BET Awards Favorite Looks

This was the first BET Awards that I was (a little ) excited to view.

I think I really was anticipating the MJ Tribute (RIP Michael). Even before that I could not wait to see what one of my favorite makeup artists, AJ Crimson, was gonna do with the faces of Amerie, Letoya Luckett and the LOVELY Estelle. As always, he delivered here are their looks.

Estelle with a silvery/ blue glam look.

Letoya Luckett has a frosty fresh "good girl" look

Amerie is smoked out with a nude lip.

Another look that made me stop and Tweet are:

A. Keys had a complete package! Her hair, makeup and outfit were very flattering. LOVES IT!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who is The Fashionista?

She is a totally glamorous chick with an attitude to match. She loves to have a good time, shop, and hang with the girls.

It is very important for her to look the best in every possible situation. She pays attention to style and is willing to forgo comfort as a sacrifice. Here are some questions that she answered for us.

What is your favorite thing to do?

Shop! It is so fun to shop online and I love finding deals for anything.

What is your favorite material for clothes?
I love anything that makes me feel sexy and can move with me. My curves are my focal point so anything that makes my body look lovely is the MUST have.

Favorite Shoe?
I love a peep toe heel and the classic pointy toe pump. Both are my go to shoes to feel super feminine and chic.

Favorite brand of makeup?
I have a collection of MAC products, I am starting to fall deeply in love with Make Up Forever also ULTA makes me go CrAzY!

What is your obsession?
My family, makeup (Blush and lipgloss), blackberry, TWITTER!

TWITTER, makeup, volleyball, random facts, shoes, youtube, blogging

Monday, May 25, 2009

Who is the Naturalista?

What is your favorite thing to do?
My babies are my life! I want them to be happy, excited and full of love. I love to go camping, wake up in the morning to witness the morning dew on the trees. I have a love affair with the beach, more specifically, the atlantic ocean.

What is your favorite material for clothes?
Linen and terry cloth.

Favorite shoe?
Leather flip flops and black leather Timberland sandals

Favorite brand of makeup?
Nothing very complicated, Almay, Neutrogena and Physicians Formula

Going Green?
I try to do all that I can but I know there is more work to be done.

What is your obsession?
My hair, I am becoming a natural hair product junkie! i really want my hair to me well nourished.

Gardening, volleyball, hair product shopping, reading, blogging and TWITTER!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fashionista- Blue Bombshell

Here is a look that is Glammed out and topped off with falsies!
Lid- Stila Smudgepot as base(Cobalt)
MAC Blue Storm
Crease- MAC Sketch
Ulta Wisteria Lane
Waterline- denim blue liner and MAC Blue Storm
Brow highlight- MAC ricepaper
Lashes- NYC Cross Lashes
Lip- MAC Oyster Girl lipglass
Face- Highlight MAC Redhead MSF and Contour MAC So Cylon MSF

What do you think?

Friday, May 15, 2009


My girls and I were able to participate in a Pole dancing class at Pole La Teaz in Atlanta. We thought we would be doing this but I guess it takes a little more practice. I believe I would be in the "Rockin Body Club" if I took the class daily:)

Naturalista- with a bit of Glam # 1

It is true, Naturalista tries to "Go Glam" every once in a while. If she is just doing everyday mommy stuff she will add a touch of "Glamourade". Here is the look!

The Fashionista is always disturbed by The Naturalista and the way she ignores her eyebrows but sometimes it is just to much work.

Lid- MAC Honesty

Crease- MAC Sketch

Liner- Ulta Teal Convertible Kohl

Brow Highlight- MAC Rice paper

Cheek-MAC Plum Foolery

T-Zone- MAC Redhead MSF

Lip- Smashbox Illume Lip Gloss

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fashionista goes Virtual Shopping- Forever 21

It has been a while (1998) since I have considered Forever 21 as a place to shop. I rediscovered them via the Fashionista who lives to "window shop" AND she is not partial. So my feelings on going lower-end:

1. As long as your accessories are quality you can wear anything. (jewelry, belts and bags)

2. Always wear a good pair of shoes.

3. Invest in a good coat.

4. There is no excuse for not wearing some type of mascara.....It offends the Fashionista. She also thinks everyone should wear blush (another time another post).

5. Don't plan on having the piece for a long time. There are some things that I take really good care of, I send them to the cleaners knowing that it is an investment piece that I can love forever.
This video is awesome for tips accoring to Nikel!!!!! Love Him!!!!!

So with that in mind, this is my Forever 21 shopping bag!

This dress is quite a find, the naturalista told me so. This Mixed Floral Belted Tunic is super cute $22.80 . I would remove the shiny black patent leather belt and replace with this more chic looking link-center belt in peanut butter/ brown $5.80.
I know that most of you like to match browns with browns and black with black but I do not like to follow all of the matchy-matchy rules. These shoes are HOT and set off this outfit. $26.80

Work Casual- This outfit is appropriate for work but still adds tons of personal touches. I love the round neck cardigan because it is always classic and feminine. $17.80

The belt brings the outfit together. $8.80

Even if you were to wear this outfit one time it would be worth the style. Bright colors set an outfit. It is also calmed when paired with a color like black. This yellow linen skirt is a steal. $15.80

These shoes are chic-n-funky. Closed toe to remain strictly buisness but faux crocodile print on the sides. Love Them! $28.80

Stay tuned for more virtual shopping trips! Let me know if there is a specific stores you wouild like us to virtual shop.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Good and Bad Hair

The Tyra Banks Show will be running an episode about the hair issues that women (of all races but especially black women) face pertaining to hair. It looks like it will be good here is the link!

SO I was able to watch a segment of the show via I know that this is such a dissected subject but all I can say is WOW! I can not believe that a woman would give her baby a perm at 3 years old. I am sorry I would rather just loc her hair and never comb it again. This makes the naturalista so sad!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fashionista goes Virtual Shopping- Urban Outfitters

I am by no means rolling in dough so I have recently taken up shopping online and creating my wish list. The target store for this post is Urban Outfitters!

The store has great deals and appeals to both my Fashionista and Naturalista styles. Here are some things that I "bought".

This jump suit, Ecote Strapless Smocked Onesie is very fun and great with heals or flip flops. almost a steal at 58$ Check it out!

Love Burst Sheer V Neck Tee add sex appeal to a regular everyday t-shirt. The shirt has a "worn" look that really appeals to my earth goddess. $24

Nothing sets off an outfit but a pair of cute kicks... Seychelles Proper Etiquette Platform. These go well with all types of outfits especially shorts and skirts. $89

Wow that was fun and I didn't even spend any money!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hair : The un-loc Issue

She is FREEEE! I have officially become unlocked. This means that I took my locs out. Here are the top 6 questions I have received since the project completion.

6. Q. Is your hair light weight now?
A. It is very light weight! I wanted it to be not so heavy for the summer.

5. Q. Do you miss them?
A. Sometimes I do miss them. I have a certain nostalgia about just getting up and running out of the door. I do not regret it at all. I will most likely loc again, but I have learned so much since I started them in 2003 that there is a different approach I want to do next. I may even try sista' locs.

4. Q. Why did you do it?
A. I got tired of having all of that hair. When I first got locs, there was a specific length that I wanted my hair to be. I think my hair doubled that length. When I could not even roll over in bed without rolling on a loc, I knew it was to long! I also have an issue with being put in categories (good and bad) based on appearance. Although being natural is a part of me, I dont like putting to much into one thing! I want to focus on the entire package:)

3. Q. Are you going to relax it now?
A. This question always gets a full eye roll! Not that I HATE relaxers, but why does that have to be the first thing I do after I take my LOCS out? As if that is the only option locs or perm.... I even got some crazy looks when I said "I am gonna let my hair rest for a while, then we will learn each other again". So the answer is no there will not be relaxer.

2. Q. Now what are you gonna do?
A. I think I answered that in #3. I have tons of tricks up my sleeve for natural hair. Some styles like, double strand curly twists, bantu set, braid out, twist out, curly fro, and many more!!!!

1. Q. You can do that?
A. YES it is possible to take locs out. I used water and a rat tail comb. I did take a month so if you aren't patient, cutting them off is probably for you. I loved when my hair was short but I did not want to go through the in between stage. This length is perfect for me. It still might be a little to long!!!