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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fashionista- The LBD

A question was posed on Facebook about the Little Black Dress. This is a classic piece that is your go to for any cocktail party, date or just wanting to WOW the crowd.

The questions was,"Should the LBD be accesorized with color ei: red shoes, red belt and red jewels. Is this Haute or Not."

Fashionista says: NOT! I am in fatuation with metal accents all the way. If you were to wear a red shoe, fine, but please have mercy on the remaining items.

While I am on a rant, ladies please stop matching your eyeshadow with your outfit! It is better to go with the complimentary color. See the chart below for a clue:

It is alright to wear a yellow dress and compliment your outfit with purple/fucia shadow. Matching from head to toe is always to much on the retina.

Now thats better! The LBD is a must have to your closet but it is to be accentuated not hidden under an overabundance of colors. After all, while I LOVE the 80s, I dont want to go back there!


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