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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who is The Fashionista?

She is a totally glamorous chick with an attitude to match. She loves to have a good time, shop, and hang with the girls.

It is very important for her to look the best in every possible situation. She pays attention to style and is willing to forgo comfort as a sacrifice. Here are some questions that she answered for us.

What is your favorite thing to do?

Shop! It is so fun to shop online and I love finding deals for anything.

What is your favorite material for clothes?
I love anything that makes me feel sexy and can move with me. My curves are my focal point so anything that makes my body look lovely is the MUST have.

Favorite Shoe?
I love a peep toe heel and the classic pointy toe pump. Both are my go to shoes to feel super feminine and chic.

Favorite brand of makeup?
I have a collection of MAC products, I am starting to fall deeply in love with Make Up Forever also ULTA makes me go CrAzY!

What is your obsession?
My family, makeup (Blush and lipgloss), blackberry, TWITTER!

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