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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fashionista goes Virtual Shopping- Forever 21

It has been a while (1998) since I have considered Forever 21 as a place to shop. I rediscovered them via the Fashionista who lives to "window shop" AND she is not partial. So my feelings on going lower-end:

1. As long as your accessories are quality you can wear anything. (jewelry, belts and bags)

2. Always wear a good pair of shoes.

3. Invest in a good coat.

4. There is no excuse for not wearing some type of mascara.....It offends the Fashionista. She also thinks everyone should wear blush (another time another post).

5. Don't plan on having the piece for a long time. There are some things that I take really good care of, I send them to the cleaners knowing that it is an investment piece that I can love forever.
This video is awesome for tips accoring to Nikel!!!!! Love Him!!!!!

So with that in mind, this is my Forever 21 shopping bag!

This dress is quite a find, the naturalista told me so. This Mixed Floral Belted Tunic is super cute $22.80 . I would remove the shiny black patent leather belt and replace with this more chic looking link-center belt in peanut butter/ brown $5.80.
I know that most of you like to match browns with browns and black with black but I do not like to follow all of the matchy-matchy rules. These shoes are HOT and set off this outfit. $26.80

Work Casual- This outfit is appropriate for work but still adds tons of personal touches. I love the round neck cardigan because it is always classic and feminine. $17.80

The belt brings the outfit together. $8.80

Even if you were to wear this outfit one time it would be worth the style. Bright colors set an outfit. It is also calmed when paired with a color like black. This yellow linen skirt is a steal. $15.80

These shoes are chic-n-funky. Closed toe to remain strictly buisness but faux crocodile print on the sides. Love Them! $28.80

Stay tuned for more virtual shopping trips! Let me know if there is a specific stores you wouild like us to virtual shop.


  1. That pb belt is fantastic! But alas, the sizes are not for the "over 21"! :) Keep shopping.

  2. Oh they have a "plus size" line as well that will probably fit the hippy chicks!!!