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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Naturalista/Fashionista-Trina Turk

This is my first Designer Spotlight!!! I will be doing these from time to time as I become more and more engrossed in specific style options.

I love Trina Turk designs! It is the perfect mix of the California girl (beach bum) in me and the budding Fashion Fiend.

The Situation: I was pressed to find a strapless party dress and with my curvy shape there were only some specific options of which I decided to pass. It was one of those "well let me just try it" moments.
The Purchase: My favorite store was having an insane sale going on and the dress was normally out of my price range. But due to the economy the High End item were not selling! FTW!
The Party: A close friend had her 30th birthday in Baltimore, I was able to show off my new pride and joy.

Here I Am!

The moral of the story is... you make the dress but a good designer can really help make it LOVELY!

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